About Me

Neha Malhotra Baby photographer delhi

Photos can manifest emotions that words cannot and they are the best and the only way to remember any of the special moments.

Hi, I am Neha Malhotra, and I document perfectly-imperfect memories for the most special people in your life! I count myself amongst the most blessed people on this planet, that’s because, for the last 10 years, I have been experienced and recorded the journey of parenthood for more than 1500+ beautiful families – starting from the time the would-be mommy is adorned with the baby bump and the glow on her face, to the time daddy holds the newborn baby for the first time, from that first smile to the first birthday celebration, capturing all the precious milestones while chasing the tiny ones around with a camera. My love for photography is for one simple reason – to make your memories last a lifetime.

The appreciation for all the in between details & moments that are so often unseen when in deep family life is the best of all the compliments that I have received from my clients. I believe in documenting the sense of seeing your children, just as you would see them everyday.

Its is a blessing to have the opportunity to experience and record every blissful moment, innocent expressions, and the heart-touching stories those sparkling little eyes are eager to share. Because, as time moves on, it is the memories & moments with loved ones that we cherish the most. The milestone moments in your baby’s early years can just go by in a haze, but to have so many beautiful quality images to tell those stories for a lifetime and take us back to that place in time is irreplaceable.

I provide the very best in maternity, newborn, baby, child and family photography services and take a huge amount of care in providing you with the very best artistic and emotive images because they are of the most precious people in your life. My style of photography is simple, relaxed and encourages everyone to be themselves and explore so that I can capture beautiful natural, un-posed images; however, for nervous parents I am happy to give as much gentle direction as needed. Your moments are beautiful just as they are…That is why, my photo sessions focus on what matters most:  honest emotions and exquisite details in the little everyday moments…with safety and simplicity.

CAPTURING THE BEAUTY OF LIFE’S MOST SPECIAL MOMENTS IS INVALUABLE. YOU WILL NEVER REGRET INVESTING IN DOCUMENTING THE MOST ESSENTIAL PARTS OF YOUR LIFE.  Given the chance, I’d love to capture your journey of parenthood in pictures – so that the memory of you with the baby bump, or the teary-eyed joy at holding the little bundle of love, or the first time you were seen not just as a couple, but as a family – it all lasts forever. Cheers!