Baby Photo Session (3-6 months)

From the first cry to the mini-steps taken along the coffee table, a baby’s memories are the most cherishable ones. Regardless of the sequence of a child in his/her family, every moment is as precious as the first one. At 3-6 months of age, they are at their cutest – their facial features, expressions, and body language have just started developing, but there is no camera-consciousness yet. The babies at this age respond very well to colors and sounds – and their reactions to these would make you wish that they would stay only this old forever. I’ve had the time of my life photographing babies at this age.

What are your baby’s favorite things? Is there a special blanket, doll, stuffed toy, ball, book, chair, stool, riding toy cardboard box, paper bag, pan lid, pair of shoes, car keys, cell phone? The best choice of props for a photograph are ones that portray your baby’s personality and that your baby is fond of, or that will tell a story about him, or that are family heirlooms. Carry any of these with you and I make sure to add these to your beautiful memories.

The best location for a baby photo session is where your child will feel comfortable. Studio indoor sessions are most comfortable at this age, my studio is full of natural light and clean white positive surroundings, babies love this space :), the sessions can also be arranged at the comfort of your home.