Maternity Photo Session

Maternity Photos are a way for you to celebrate the baby you’re about to meet, to celebrate the love for each other, to celebrate the anticipation of what’s to come!

Pregnancy can be a whirlwind time; deciding on a name, designing the perfect nursery and preparing for the arrival of your sweet little one, it’s nice to have some beautiful photos to look back on from that special time. There is something so naturally beautiful and hopeful about the beauty of an expecting mother. The beauty of a mother anticipating the arrival of her child needs be captured in a way that allows the miracle to speak for itself. Capturing these miraculous moments has been one of my favorite aspects of photography. The timing of your photos is probably the most important consideration; plan your shoot towards the end of your second trimester, you’ll have an adorable bump (without feeling overly big) and still have plenty of energy to get dressed up and wander around for the session. The best time for the same is when the you are comfortable to move around and are at ease – ideally between the 30th-34th week

Choosing a location for your photos is more important than you may think; the setting has such a big impact on the overall look and feel of your photos. You may choose to do your maternity session at my studio for more comfortable, intimate images or I can help you choose a location that’s naturally beautiful or has special meaning to you. The session can also be arranged at comfortable environment of your home.