Sitter Photo Session (6-12 months)

Pictures are synonymous with memories, especially baby pictures. Those​ ​are the memories elders have collected for times to come and to share​ ​and bond with their children. There is something sentimental and​ ​touchy about finding one’s old photos and sharing them with your next​ ​generations.  Photos help keep memories alive. Capturing and​ ​preserving memories is a beautiful memory which can be easily passed​ ​on for generations to come​.​

Baby sitter session photography is a milestone session in a baby’s​ ​first year. The session takes place when your baby can sit and crawl,​ ​but doesn’t yet walk. Every baby develops differently, so a sitter​ ​session is usually scheduled when a baby is around 6 to 12 months old.​ ​Babies are very interactive at this age and are full of genuine​ ​expressions.  They smile easily, they giggle and make these adorable​ ​faces. To get the variety within these sessions its important that the​ ​baby can sit confidently but ideal not be on much move just yet!​ ​Typical age range is anywhere between 6 months to an year depending on the baby’s development stage.
The best location for sitter photo session is where your child will feel​ ​comfortable. Studio indoor sessions are most comfortable at this age,​ ​my studio is full of natural light and clean​-​white positive​ ​surroundings, babies love this space :), the sessions can also be arranged at a naturally beautiful outdoor location or even at comfort​ ​of your home.