Toddler Photo Session(12 months and above)

The biggest challenge of photographing kids is also the best thing about it – they can hardly follow ‘directions’, but that makes it very easy to get the most beautifully incidental candid shots – expressions that are completely unpretentious and a real reflection of who they are and what they feel.

Kids at this age know the camera, but most do not feel any fear or consciousness around them. They are in their own world, and that brings out some of the best shots ever. As a photographer, I consider it my job to remain calm, flexible and adaptable, all the while capturing any genuine emotions and moments that may occur. I strongly believe in letting the session naturally unfold and using my experience and professional expertise to help manage that flow.

Studio indoor sessions or outdoor sessions at a naturally beautiful location works best at this age. The sessions can also be arranged at the comfort of your home.